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What does it sound like?

The students have headed home and the semester is over.  I enjoyed sharing the gospel with the students. I am looking forward to working with the kids over the summer.  The kid’s clubs will start in June.  Pray for many kids to come out to the kid’s clubs.  I am hoping to have witnessing booths this summer. I am currently planning our mission trip to NYC.

I was asked, “What do your conversations sound like?”.  So I recorded some of my conversations so that you can hear what conversations sound like. One issue is you cannot see the person’s face to see why I add more information.  Sometimes I see their face and it seems I do not have much longer so I speed up the conversation. 

Sharing the gospel on the South Side wuth 3 young men.

Sometimes I go to the clinics to talk to women and ask them to keep their baby.  The women are in a hurry, and they get dropped off less than ten feet from the door, so you have to go fast. You never know how long you have before they walk away. Oftentimes, you can only get out one sentence.  Many women do not give this much time, but here is an example of the conversations that I have. I always try and start with the gospel since only God can change their mind.

I shared the gospel with her and then begged her not to have an abortion.  She has other kids already.  I offered her financial assistance.  I offered to have her baby adopted.  She did not need any help she just did not want the baby.

About 70% of the people that come to have an abortion have kids already.  They drive up in really nice cars.  Money is not the reason that they come to have an abortion.  They just do not want another child.  With COVID, since people do not have anyone to watch the kids, the husband pulls up with kids in the car and drops off his wife to have an abortion.  Then he waits around the corner with the kids in the car for her abortion to be finished.  From the women that I have talked to who have had abortions in the past, this will in many cases destroy the marriage. 

These women think that this will end on the day of the abortion but they have a God given conscience and they will know that from that day on that they have paid a gynecologist to murder their own child.  About 65% of women will have suicidal thoughts after having an abortion and 31% will attempt suicide afterwards. (Article that shows stats)

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