A Mom

I was about 30 and had my second son.  I wanted to be a better mom,  so I was told about a group at a church called MOPS(Mothers of Pre-Schoolers)  The group I went to did not teach the normal mops curriculum.    I thought well they are going to teach about Jesus but at least I will learn to be about being a good mom. I was asked to a Bible Study on Wednesday nights by one of the women at MOPS after going for several weeks.

I was shown at the Bible Study from the Bible that my Mom was going to go to hell.  I believed her and the Bible. I went to my sister and asked if she knew that our mother was going to hell and she said yes. I asked what she had done about it and she said I just did not understand. I told her you are right I do not understand. She knew how to get to heaven and she knew our mom was not going to go to heaven so why did she not do anything about it?   She told me there was a man named Ray Comfort and I had to read his book.  I bought a book called “Way of the Master”.  In the book, it talked about the 10 commandments.  The book listed sins, like lying and stealing.  The book pointed out that the Bible said lust made a person an adulterer at heart and if you hated someone that they were a murder at heart.  I realized that I was also going to go to hell.  

I understood for the first time when I read a story in the book about a person standing before a judge and being guilty.  The person says they are sorry and will not do it again but the judge says you should be sorry and you should not do it again. However, you still have to pay the fine.  The judge offers the guilty person to either pay a million-dollar fine or to go to prison.  The person cannot pay the fine.  A person runs into the courtroom and says that he loves the guilty person very much and will pay the fine.  The person gets to go free.  The person that pays the fine is merciful and the judge is still just since justice is served.  Then it is explained that Jesus is the one that pays the fine.  

It was the first time that I understood why it was that Jesus died on the cross.  Jesus had died on that cross to pay my fine.  Jesus had done nothing wrong but he was held there on that cross by my sin.  I had personally deserved to go to hell and Jesus died on the cross to pay my fine.  Three days after Jesus took the wrath of God on the cross he rose from the grave because death could not hold him, since he had never sinned.  500 people saw Jesus after he rose from the grave.  

I laid face down on the ground in my office.  I cried out to God and asked Him to forgive me of my sins.  I thanked him for dying on the cross.  I realized at that very moment that I was 30 and had never heard this message before, I thought of all the other people that must have never heard this message as well. 

My life was changed forever and I have never stopped telling others that it is them that is going to hell because they broke God’s law and that Jesus died on that cross for their personal sin.  They need to repent (turn away from their sin) and trust Jesus paid the fine and rose from the grave.

If you are understanding this for the first time, repent, trust Jesus, read your Bible and obey what it says.  

Find a Bible-believing church to help you grow.  If they do not believe that the Bible is God-inspired and completely true then go get a new church.  

I became a better mom.  I now had the answer to the biggest problem, death.  I had become a new person, I was born again.  I now know the way to raise my kids, according to the Bible.