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Repent and Witness Evangelism Camp Ocean City Maryland 2023 

Open to anyone that loves Biblical Evangelism. 

Dates: Sept 6-11 2023 – Schedule

Cost: Bring your Own Food

Location: We will be going onto the boardwalk to share the gospel in the afternoons and evenings.

Description: The Repent and Witness Evangelism Camp is open to lovers of Biblical Evangelism. Join us as we evangelize. Give them the message that they may never hear in their home town. 

Repent and Witness Evangelism Camp NYC 2023 – 16th Annual

Open to anyone that loves Biblical Evangelism. 

Dates: Aug 3-6th 2023 – Schedule

Cost: $350

Location: Coney Island, Union Square, Washington Square, Time square and Battery Park

Description: The Repent and Witness Evangelism Camp is open to lovers of Biblical Evangelism. Join us as we evangelize. Give them the message that they may never hear in their home town.  

This  missions trip includes:

  • Evangelism and Aplogetics Training
  • One-to-one evangelism
  • Open-air street evangelism
  • Group prayer and worship
  • Morning devotional
  • The Word of God

Mission Cost:  $200.   Includes travel fare during evangelism camp and your stay at a missionary building. Do not submit any payment until your application is officially approved by CCN via email.  No refunds. Non-refunded payments may be donated to our Repent and Witness or Campus Mission Tour Scholarship Fund.

Apply for Repent and Witness Mission Trip

DEADLINE: May 30, 2022

Do you want to raise financial support to fund your mission trip? We can provide you with a free tool to fundraise simply and effectively through online support-raising. Note: Only approved CCN missionaries may raise support.

What is a Repent and Witness Evangelism Camp?

CHRISTIAN Collegian Network’s (CCN) annual Repent and Witness (RW) Evangelism Camps are low-cost mission trips that provide:

  • Practical training in biblical evangelism (one-to-one witnessing, street preaching)
  • Team Leaders to help you put what you learn into action and lovingly encourage you out of your comfort zone to reach others
  • An opportunity to preach the gospel in some of the most diverse and populated areas
  • Group prayer and God-centered worship
  • God-glorifying teaching that spurs you to action
  • Morning Devotionals
  • Godly Christian fellowship

What can I expect from Repent and Witness Evangelism Camp?

Evangelism Camps are very rigorous. The schedule is structured so that you are always engaged in a meaningful activity. Leaders are there to encourage you to stay focused on the work at hand, gently pushing you to serve the Lord with greater courage and zeal. The outcome?

“I am forever changed by this experience. I went to a boot camp last year in NYC, but this was on a different level. I have a hunger and passion for open-air preaching that I never had before. I have been freshly kindled by the Spirit of God and I have a deeper burden to see God glorified through evangelism than ever before. I have never in my life experienced such deep God-honoring fellowship before. I have a deep love for the Repent and Witness crew.” – Mitch

Do I need to have prior training in biblical evangelism to apply as a missionary?

Yes. We provide that for you at no cost right here on our website. Visit our Online Evangelism Training page and prepare for battle. Once you have completed our audio/visual training, you may apply to become an RW missionary! If you are already familiar with biblical evangelism, you do not have to complete the online training. The application requires you to answer questions about biblical evangelism in order to test your knowledge.

How can I raise funds to attend?

There many ways to raise funds to attend Repent and Witness.  Please email for more information.

You can also download fundraising materials: Brochure (for both students and non-students) and Donation Slips. Use these materials to help raise support. Share your mission with your pastor, friends, church members, or anyone else who may support you. For more info on how to effectively raise support, please visit this outside informational website.

Can I Donate Toward the RW Scholarship Fund?

Yes. Many times a dedicated CCN member wishes to attend our camp, however, he or she is unable due to a lack of funds. You can help by donating toward an RW scholarship!

Who is awarded with RW Scholarships?

CCN awards numerous students and non-students with scholarships based on their involvement in the ministry during the school year. Scholarships are awarded at the discretion of CCN.


This is where the rubber really meets the road in one’s Christian faith. If you are truly not ashamed of the gospel as Paul says then you are ready for Repent and Witness. By the power of God there is no greater task and no greater joy in life than to help lead one out of sin and into faith in Jesus Christ. Someone did it for you, know it is your turn. – Gene Henderson

Repent and Witness is a life-changing event for newcomers and seasoned evangelist. this event has given me a more zeal to learn more of the word and reach the lost at this event we have amazing teachings we receive from our leaders and the Bible-based lessons. It’s truly a blessing and I will never go back to silence. CCN has given me the tools and the accountability that I need to proclaim the Gospel in my local area and beyond Thank you Lord for CCN -Tony Mannen