What is CCN About?

Mission:  Glorifying Christ through Evangelizing the Lost and Discipleship of the Found

And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.  Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”” (Matthew 28:18-20)

CCN's Calling

At Christian Collegian Network(CCN), we are called as Christians to win the lost and disciple the found. Our leaders, sent by the church and called by the ministry, go onto our local college campuses and seek out Christians to disciple. Before we take a Campus leader on, We make sure they are a member of a local church and understand they are a member of the church to serve the body of Christ. When the students graduate from college they know they should, and are able to go back to their churches and serve in the body of Christ at their local church.

What We Do Each Week

Our leaders invite students- Christian and non-Christian- to weekly fellowships which include Bible Study, prayer, and training in Biblical doctrine, apologetics, and evangelism. They apply what they learn as we take Christian students out to share their faith. This is where the other aspect of CCN comes in; we actively seek to share our faith with lost people-professors and students- on and off college campuses through witnessing and Bible studies. As the believers grow, we train them on how to write a Bible Study, teach a Bible Study, lead outreaches. Our goal is to teach our Christian students what Jesus has taught us in His Word so that they will become the next generation of soul-winning Christian Leaders wherever their education takes them.

We have

We have locations on various college campuses in the USA. CCN incorporates on-campus Bible study, praise, worship, apologetics, evangelism, and on/off-campus outreaches. CCN also provides retreats, Spring Break, and Summer Mission Trips, special events, and free Evangelism Crash Courses for churches, we ask the church to pay for travel expenses.

We are Creating

CCN is “passing the torch of biblical evangelism and leadership on to the next generation of soul winning leaders.”

CCN also assists in building the local church by providing the church with:

  • New converts, who are in need of a church home and discipleship
  • Graduates that can evangelize the lost and disciple the found.
  • Churches that go evangelize.  We offer A free CCN Evangelism Crash Course to help strengthen the local church to evangelize their local area and local campuses

Read testimonies from students and parents of CCN college students.

You can read our Statement of Faith here.



Christian Collegian Network is overseen by a Board of Directors: 

  • Ray Wier, Chairman
  • Dennis Stephen
  • Tom Diprospero

Jenifer Pepling is the President of Christian Collegian Network (CCN), and Campus Leader at the University of Pittsburgh and Slippery Rock University.  Jenifer has been seeking and saving the lost at PITT since 2007. She has successfully trained numerous Christians how to share the gospel through evangelism courses and hands-on training attended several mission trips in various states, designed, built and ran “witnessing booths” at local festivals, led groups to evangelize at parades and other public venues, and led large book and DVD giveaways at various colleges. Jenifer continues to lead the ministry in fulfilling the great commission on and off the college campuses.  

Andre Goff is Discipleship Leader of Christian Collegian Network (CCN).  Andre is a Campus Missionary at MCCC.  Andre started as a campus leader in CCN in 2011.  He served as a deacon, elder, Sunday school teacher, and adult Bible study teacher.  After attending Ambassadors Academy he taught ” The Way of the Master ” classes at his church. he was also invited by other churches in his area to teach this course.  Andre supported local pastors in evangelism crusades and efforts to evangelize the community.  Andre occasionally operates an evangelism booth in his town during major events.  Currently his wife and Andre are serving as youth group leaders in their church and are teaching our youth biblical evangelism.

Nick Astacio is a Discipleship Mentor.