What is a CCN Campus Leader?

Campus Leaders are those who take the step of making the commitment to serve on the college campus mission field, leading and laboring alongside students through weekly CCN fellowships and on/off-campus outreaches.  Campus Ministry is intense and hard work.  We are looking for those that are looking to get into full-time ministry and/or are committed to a local college campus.  One should not enter into campus ministry lightly.  You need to be called and sent into ministry.

A Campus Leader is someone who cares about the spiritual growth of the Christians on campus and wants to see them become biblical soul winners, who are actively using their gifts, talents, and abilities to serve the Lord with joy.  A Campus Leader not just about evangelizing on the campus but looking to sow into the lives of the students.

Because we view all of our Campus Leaders as missionaries on the college campus, CCN requires a thorough application process (see the process below). After being approved to lead a CCN on-campus fellowship, Campus Leaders receive the tools and on-going support that they need to fulfill the Great Commission on their college campus by raising up and sowing into soul-winning college students.   There may be several months of training before you would begin to be a Campus Leader on the Campus. The position of Campus Leader is not a paid position, however, if you would like to make this a full-time job we can provide you with tools to help you fundraise to and allow you to make this a full-time career.

Campus Leaders must commit to and are responsible for:

  • Be committed to serving as a Campus Leader with CCN.
  • Leading a weekly on-campus CCN fellowship, focusing on (1) the fundamentals of the Christian faith (2) biblical evangelism, (3)  apologetics (defense of the faith), (4) Christian living, and (5) how to use their gifts, talents, and abilities for the Lord. CCN fellowships are holistic and also include praise, worship, and prayer. Campus Leaders are provided with tools from CCN to accomplish this, as well as having a Discipleship Director to help guide and pray for them throughout the school year.
  • Organize and lead evangelistic outreaches for students, held on and off campus to put into practice what has been taught in the CCN fellowships.
  • Work with new converts on a one-to-one basis, so that they can be filtered into a church, where they will receive discipleship. 
  • Be willing to meet with students interested in the gospel to go through the Word of God, as time allows and train/delegate responsibility to capable college students. 
  • Love the students, pray for the students, and labor for the Lord on the college campus.
  • Be committed to serving students.


In order to apply for Campus Leadership, an applicant must:

  • Be committed to college ministry and not see it as a hobby or giving it a try.
  • Understand and apply biblical evangelism. Learn more here.
  • Have a deep burden for college students and heart to patiently labor on the college campus through building a college fellowship, teaching students through Bible studies, training in evangelism, taking them evangelizing, and CCN does disciple students.
  • Have a solid understanding of basic Christian doctrine and be in agreement with our Statement of Faith.
  • Be a member of a local church, which you attend on a consistent basis.
  • Receiving discipleship and accountability in a local church.

What is the Process in Becoming an Approved CCN Campus Leader?

  • Complete the below inquiry. Based on your inquiry, we will determine if our official 10+ page application for Campus Leadership should be emailed to you. Otherwise, we will respond with our explanation as to why we will not begin the application process with you at this present time. This does not mean that you will not be able to inquire again in the future.
  • Complete our official CCN application
  • Submit a letter of recommendation(s). Once your completed application and letters of recommendation have been reviewed, a phone meeting will be arranged. You may have to supply more than one letter of recommendation. 
  • Background check. A background check may be conducted.
  • Complete phone interview(s). Depending on the candidate, there may be more than one phone interview. 

After the interview process is completed, the candidate should allow up to a week before receiving a response. Each application is prayed over. If an applicant is denied, the applicant may or may not be able to reapply the following semester.  Here is a video about wanting to be a Campus Leader.

You may also use this form to apply for Assistant Campus Leadership.


Want to know more about what it means to commit to being a Campus Leader Please contact us at  412-549-1303 or email contact@changeyourcampus.com.