Sign Up for Repent and Witness

The following is the official application for CHRISTIAN Collegian Network’s Missionary Trips Repent and Witness Evangelism Camp (RW) and Campus Mission Tour (CMT).

All applicants must complete Biblical Evangelism 101 located on our Online Evangelism Training page before applying for a mission trip. Biblical Evangelism 101 is comprised of two lessons: Hell’s Best Kept Secret and True and False Conversions by Ray Comfort of Living Waters ministry, along with video examples. This is to maintain consistency in the biblical approach to evangelism at our camps/mission trips.

You can see the schedule here.

Important Instructions (Please Read)

To apply for a mission trip, please:

1. Submit the below application in order to be approved to attend an evangelism camp and/or mission trip. You will need to answer some of the theological questions with scripture. Therefore, we recommend that you look over the application first, prior to beginning, prepare your answers on a Word doc and then cut and paste your answers. You cannot save your application half-way through.

2. Print, complete, and sign our Release and Waiver of Liability (PDF) form and scan and send it to You will not be approved to attend unless this form has been signed and received by CCN. 

3. If you are not personally known by the CCN leadership and if there are any questions or concerns, you will receive a personal phone call regarding your application. We also do reference checks.

4. You will receive an email directly after applying. If you do not receive an email, contact us right away at Allow a week for your application to process. If you have any questions, please email us at

5. Once you are officially approved via email to attend a CCN mission trip, you may utilize our free online fundraising tool to help raise support for your mission trip easily and effectively. You cannot begin to fundraise or send CCN money towards your mission trip until you are officially approved to attend a CCN mission trip.

6. If you do not receive an email stating whether or not you are approved to attend the evangelism camp after 1 week, please contact us at, as there may be a technical issue. 

7. After you are approved you can make your deposit and or payment here. There are no refunds.