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Raising Up College Students to Live, Teach, and Preach the Word of God

“Passing the torch of biblical evangelism and leadership on to the next generation of soul winning leaders.”  

Student Testimonies

“After becoming a member of CCN, my life has changed drastically, but in the best way possible. I no longer watch witnessing/open-air preaching videos online, and think ‘I could never do that, because, with CCN, I’m doing that! We attend outreaches and we share our faith regularly – not to mention the amazing teachings we receive from our leaders and the Bible-based lessons. It’s truly a blessing and I will never go back to silence. CCN has given me the tools and the accountability that I need to proclaim the Gospel among my fellow college students, among my friends, and among the world.” – Student from City College of New York

I found Christ 3 years ago after being raised with a strong Muslim background. I attended al madrasah (Quran school) as a kid growing up and I had never really known Christ until my sophomore year of High School when my sister and I stumbled upon a Bible. My faith was on the rise until I came across the word ‘evangelism’. The word and what it entailed excited me, yet it terrified me to death. The thought of sharing the gospel was something that I felt only pastors had to do and therefore I was exempt, until I read Matthew 9:37: “Then saith he unto his disciples, The harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few.” I felt that if there is a world full of pain and people are blind to the truth that I profess to have, I should care enough to at least tell them. I should labor for the kingdom, putting my pride aside, and learn how to share the gospel in a biblical way. So, after facing my fears and stepping out of my shell, I came across CCN and from the very first day I was sharing my faith with strangers! The most shocking thing that I discovered on my very first day with CCN was that when I, along with two other girls, we’re sharing the gospel with a young lady, her eyes began to fill with tears as though she had never heard of the righteousness, grace, and glory of God. It truly changed my outlook on things, because in my mind, I felt that people already knew about Christ. To my surprise, I am constantly seeing hearts being changed after hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. CCN has been a very powerful ministry in my life and I would recommend it especially to those who are curious or just plain scared like I was. It will definitely change your world.”
– Aishah, LaGuardia Community College 

After the CCN Crash Course on Saturday, I made it a point to separate more time to go out in my community and share the gospel message. On Sunday, I left my house with a whole bunch of tracts in my hand. I was planning to witness to people in the park. As I was walking down my block, I found two young boys and I handed them some tracts and kept walking. They ran after me and asked me what the card said, so I stopped and explained it to them. They were so grateful and asked me for an extra card to give away. I told them to share it with their mother.  Then, I kept walking towards the park and I found two young girls. I began to share the gospel message with them and my mother and cousin approached us and began speaking to them, as well. As I walked down a large path, I saw a great spot to open-air preach.  It is a place where my town prepares concerts during the summer.  At that point, I felt a need to go and preach the gospel. I prayed and began to open up my mouth. I sang a song by myself in order to attract a crowd and then open-air preached right after. People started coming near to all around the park and it felt as if time stopped. The noise that was coming from the baseball field lessened and a friend of mine who came to visit was willing to take the Good Person Test

. After the preaching, I approached the group of boys that I told my cousin to give gospel tracts to earlier that day and asked them what they thought about what they had read. One of them told me they were Christians and the other one was a Muslim. The Christian boy was very excited to meet me and his mother and father approached me immediately. They told me that I had a beautiful voice and I began to share the gospel message to them. After a great conversation, the group of boys asked if we could play a game of tennis and I stayed for about 45 minutes to play with them. The family told me they had arrived a month ago from Egypt and the mother asked me if I could help her learn English. The best part about this story is that the Holy Spirit moved on Mother’s Day and that I was obedient and ready to share the gospel message without having other CCN members around. This whole story made me think about the time when a leader said that it is so easy to witness and preach when you are around people that do the same thing as you, but how hard it is to do it when you are alone.” – Eunice, Montclair State University  

My daughter became an active member of CCN while she was an undergraduate at Montclair State University. CCN has made such a great change in her life and has impacted her personal ministry of song and testimony greatly. As we travel together, I have both seen her and heard her witness, speaking to people in toll booths and service stations, passing out tracts. She also is very busy witnessing on the telephone, as she talks with friends and acquaintances. CCN has even blessed the ministry that I am actively involved in as their team came to my church one Saturday and spent the day teaching us how to witness in our community to enhance church growth. CCN is such a blessing and God is truly moving and doing mighty works with His young soldiers.

– Rev. Barbara Sparrow

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