1. What does a CCN fellowship look like? Is it only training in evangelism?

CCN fellowships are held weekly on college campuses and are led by approved Campus Leaders. Although CCN encourages Christians to share and defend their faith biblically, effectively, and boldly on campus, it is not the sole focus of the ministry.

CCN is designed to provide a loving environment, where students can learn more about the Christian faith, grow in their knowledge of the scriptures, strengthen their foundational doctrine, worship the Lord, pray as a family in Christ, grow in the use of the gifts, talents, and abilities, and enjoy the fellowship of like believers.

We believe that the most valuable gift we can give to college students is the Word of God. Therefore, each fellowship is designed to encourage students to get to know and fall more in love with the Lord Jesus Christ through reading and understanding the Scriptures.

2. What sort of training materials do you use to teach students how to effectively spread the gospel?

The primary resource that Christian Collegian Network uses to train students in biblical evangelism is the Bible. CCN does not equip students with new marketing techniques or “cool new” tactics to draw people to Christ. CCN uses the proven biblical principles taught by Jesus Himself and practiced by His disciples. CCN creates tools and materials based on biblical principles to help guide students in their understanding of sharing the Word.

CCN also utilizes training materials created by Ray Comfort of Living Waters Publications and The Way of the Master. Ray Comfort’s ministry has been commended by Franklin Graham, Ravi Zacharias, John MacArthur, David Jeremiah, Josh McDowell, Dr. Norman Geisler, Bill Gothard, David Wilkerson, Joni Eareckson Tada, and many other Christian leaders.

3. What happens after a student is saved on the college campus? How do you offer discipleship?

CCN believes that once an individual is saved, the new convert should be discipled (Matthew 28:19-20). CCN accomplishes this first by partnering with local churches to help filter new converts into churches, who agree to provide personal discipleship. CCN also provides CCN Campus Leaders with a one-to-one New Converts Bible Study Guide to help develop new converts in a personal, intimate way, while transitioning them into appropriate churches. This aids in growing new believers spiritually, as well as cultivating meaningful relationships with Christians on campus.

Lastly, new converts are encouraged to attend CCN fellowships, where they learn more about their faith, how to share it, and how to defend it.

4. How can I get CCN on my campus?

Please visit Start a Campus Fellowship page.

5. Does CCN conduct off-campus outreaches, as well as on-campus?

Yes, CCN teaches college students that evangelism is a lifestyle. Even when they graduate from college, they should live a lifestyle, where they keep evangelism a priority. To help students understand this and to reach others both on and off the campus, CCN conducts both on and off-campus outreaches. CCN also encourages students to labor for their local church in the area of evangelism. To learn about local off-campus outreach, please visit a CCN campus fellowship blog

6. How does CCN support the local church efforts?

CCN believes that evangelism should come primarily from the local church. We believe that the Lord has raised up CCN to assist and help build up the local church in the area of evangelism on and off the college campus.

CCN accomplishes this through (1) filtering new converts into churches that agree to our vision and doctrinal statement and agree to disciple new converts, and (2) providing free training in biblical evangelism through our Evangelism Crash Course.

7. How can I get CCN to come and perform an evangelism training at my youth group/ men/women ministry/church, etc?

As stated above, CCN provides free training in biblical evangelism through our Evangelism Crash Course. Individuals who are interested in attending a Crash Course and/or ministries that are interested in this holding this training may learn more and/or request a Crash Course through our website.

8. How does CCN minister to the physical needs of people in other countries?

CCN believes that the core need of man is spiritual. Man must be made right with God through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ because all of mankind is sinful and will face God on Judgment Day.

CCN also believes that as Christians, we have a biblical mandate to help those Christians who are in physical need, as well. An example of this is seen in Matthew 25:31-46. Therefore, CCN works alongside other ministries that are equipped to help individuals in need. Students participate in these ministries and are also taught how to effectively assist and promote these ministries on campus while using the opportunity as a platform to preach the biblical gospel boldly to fellow students.

9. Does CCN sell interesting and effective gospel tracts?

We do not sell tracts on the internet, however, if we do a Crash Course for your Church we will sell tracts at the event for your convenience.  For information on how you can purchase CCN tracts to support the ministry, please email contact@changeyourcampus.com.  

10. Does CCN host “evangelism boot camps” and/mission trips?

Yes. CCN facilitates a yearly evangelism boot camp, called Repent and Witness Evangelism Camp, which is held in the summer. CCN also hosts a Spring break mission trip, called the Official Campus Mission Tour (CMT). Find out when CCN is hosting its next evangelism camp and mission trip.

11. I am currently not a college student. How can I get involved in CCN?

You do not need to be a college student to become involved in CCN. If you wish to participate in weekend outreaches, you may.  If you would like to help out on campus please email contact@changeyourcampus.com.  

We can use people to help with blogs, video editing, fundraising and writing.  Please email us with your talents you would like to use to help CCN at contact@changeyourcampus.com.

We also welcome you to become part of our ministry’s official Prayer Team. Team members make a commitment to pray for the ministry daily and to receive prayer requests and praise reports via email. 

Finally, CCN is always looking for financial partners. Please visit our donation page, if you would like to give.