What is Fellowship at CCN?

Fellowship at CCN is a place where Christians can enjoy a time of sharing and praying with other Christians. Fellowship is a time for believers to share in their goals, feelings, beliefs, activities, labor, and concerns. It’s a time for Christians to build strong friendships and relationships with one another. And it is a time for sharpening each other’s faith and praying for each other’s needs. Fellowship helps believers to grow in their walk, and reminds them that they are not alone in their experiences; it’s a community of believers.

There are many Christians on the college campus who would like to have like-minded friends who are serving God like themselves. However, there are not many options for believers on campus. CCN is a ministry that allows students to join together and pray, disciple, and encourage one another during their college years. With the strenuous workload of homework, tests, and studying that accompanies college life, Christians have the opportunity to grow in Christ and receive help from their fellow peers. Whether it’s praying in between classes, sharing the gospel with friends, or learning new evangelism methods, CCN students are lifting up the name of Jesus on a weekly basis.