Bible Study

What is Bible Study at CCN?

Bible Study at CCN is a practice that we use to train students in what we like to call practical theology. What this means simply is that we study a Bible text to see what it says to us and how it is practically applied in today’s world. The goal is to align our worldview into a biblical worldview that goes along with our goal of making disciples of the found.

Bible studies are done in a format where we present the topic or the passage that we will be studying. This is followed by a series of observations about the topic or passage, supporting Bible verses, and questions in which the students interact and respond to the topic or the passage. This allows the students to participate and learn and more easily understand how it impacts their lives in a meaningful way.

Most studies that we do are topical in nature relating to apologetics (defense of the faith), Christian doctrine (Attributes of God, Salvation, etc.), and Christian living. Every Bible study ends with two questions: How can this be applied to me and how can this study be used in evangelism. This also makes the studies more practical and useful for students, training them to think and respond like mature Christians in their day to day lives.