Campus Ministry

CCN Campus Leaders go to college campuses and purposefully talk to students about the gospel.  We ask questions to see where students are, so we can give them the answers that they need. Often times students ask questions they do not think have answers.  They are surprised when we have answers.  The students often thank us for sharing the good news with them.

CCN invites the students to Bible Studies.  We train them up to have good theology.  We teach them how to walk as a Christian.  We teach how to pray, read the Bible and live a holy life.  Most importantly we teach the students apologetics and evangelism. Often times the students are so happy to be able to talk to there classmates and have answers to their questions.  We spend time talking about the subjects that come up in their classes and help them to be able to give a Biblical answer to their classmates and friends.

The greatest part is when the students go out and share the gospel themselves.  Students listen when the campus leaders share the gospel but it is really something different when the students share the gospel with their peers.  The unbelieving students really respect the fact that the Christian students were willing to be bold and share their faith.   We can change the next generation with this process of discipelship.  Please consider supporting us by volunteering, donating or praying.  God Bless.