God is a God of love and would never send me to Hell.

Idolatry is a violation of the first and second commandments of God and it is the oldest sin in the book!  It is when you make a god in your own image-either in your mind or with your hands-that is good with your sin.  God is loving but he is not only loving he is also just, holy, and merciful.  If you have to pick one characteristic that defines God it would be holy.  God can’t have sin in his presence.  Imagine your best friend is raped and murdered.  The murderer stands before the judge and says, “I believe you are a good and merciful judge and are therefore going to let me go.”  He goes on to say that he is a good person who has done lots of good deeds for others and that he is sorry and will never do this again.  If the judge would let the murderer go you would be angry, and rightfully so!  You would think he was a bad judge.  However, a just judge must punish guilty criminals.  A good judge will say to the murderer, “You should be sorry and you should not do it again.  Though you have done good deeds they have no bearing on this case.  You broke the law and must pay the penalty for your crime.”  How will you do when you stand before God?  Have you broken God’s law?  Have you ever told a lie?  Have you ever stolen anything? Jesus said if you lust after a person you have committed adultery in your heart and if you hate someone you have murdered them in your heart.  If you stand before God you will be guilty and go to hell.  Unless someone was able to pay your fine then you could go free.   That is what Jesus did when he died on that cross.  He took the full wrath of God in your place and then rose from the grave.  Today, repent and trust Jesus.