I grew up in the church

As I was growing up I was made to go to church even though my mom and dad did not attend. I believed in God but didn’t understand a lot of what I was being taught. Since I didn’t go regularly I didn’t learn much about the bible either even though I would pick it up and read it once in a while.

When I was about 15 years old my mom and dad separated. My mom took my brothers, my sisters and I and moved from Philadelphia to Pottstown, PA. where she is originally from. I buried my feelings and thoughts in sports and girls. I played football and was on the track team. I did everything I could to be competitive and a starting player. I was very self-centered. I became very cold to people, only caring about what made me happy. My mom was always there though holding the reigns of all the kids together. She insisted on us having love and unity for one another. She still did make us go to church occasionally and we complied because we were afraid not to. Mom’s rules.

I had heard the gospel message many times at this point, but still didn’t understand or didn’t care. I was what I now believe a slave to sin. In 1976 I graduated from Pottstown Senior High School and went into the military. At this point in my life I understood what a Christian was but continued to live a riotous lifestyle, pleasing my flesh and uncaring to others. I broke all ten commandments frequently. I was in outstanding physical shape. I thought I was almost invincible. My boast was in myself.

While in the Air Force I was witnessed to by a coworker. He shared the gospel with me and this time seemed different. This time I felt as if I was being drawn to God. I started going to church regularly and experienced peace in my heart I had never experienced before. Even though I had said a sinners prayer I believed myself to be saved at that time. The next couple of years were difficult. I believed that Jesus was the way, but I didn’t want to completely let go of the other lifestyle. I was truly a double-minded man.

Then I had two major events that happened in my life which a great impact on me. First I had a brain tumor that had to be removed. This type of surgery was only put into practice five years prior to that date. The surgeon said I was very fortunate to survive that surgery. The second was after my first marriage in England where I was stationed. I returned back to the United States with my wife and newborn son. My marriage had already failed and my wife left. I was taking care of my son at my mother’s house. One day someone came into my house and snatched my son off the couch. He was only about six months old. I was upstairs sleeping because I was working the night shift, and my mom was watching my son when this happened. The man got away with the kidnap and I came downstairs completely crushed inside. I knew God was drawing me, I knew I was not living a godly lifestyle. I also knew I couldn’t bargain with God, but I cried out to Him asking Him to forgive me for my sins and trusted Jesus Christ to save me. I prayed that He would intervene and bring my son back to me. I vowed to Him I would never live the old lifestyle again. My son was returned to me that day. Praise God! I have tried honor my vow I made to God and have been living out a holy lifestyle as much as He has enabled me to.

I did get divorced in 1989. I remarried to my current wife Laura Goff in 1998. We now attend church together with our son Samuel who is fifteen years old. In 2010 I found out about biblical evangelism through Ray Comfort. I attended Ambassador Academy#17 in 2010. I quickly realized I had been sharing only part of the good news. I repented for unknowingly making false converts.
I started learning more about God by studying a systematic theology course by Andrew Rappaport. I have recently started studying reformed theology. At this point of my walk this seems the most accurate to me and my current understanding. I do believe the Bible to be the inspired, inerrant word of God. The rest I’m trusting Him to reveal to me through His word as I study and learn.

Currently I am involved in a college campus ministry. I am :
Discipleship Leader of Christian Collegian Network (CCN). I ‘m a Campus Leader at MCCC. I started as a campus leader in CCN in 2011. I have served as a deacon, elder, Sunday school teacher, and adult Bible Study teacher. After attending Ambassadors Academy I’ve taught ” The Way of the Master ” classes at my church. I was also invited by other churches in my area to teach this course. I have supported local pastors in evangelism crusades and efforts to evangelize the community. I occasionally operate an evangelism booth in my town during major events. Currently my wife and I are serving as youth group leaders in our church and are teaching our youth biblical evangelism.

Andre Goff
Disciple Leader / Campus Leader
Christian Collegian Network