If God is so loving why do bad things happen?

In the beginning God created everything perfect.  There was no pain or suffering.  God gave us one rule and we broke that rule.  As a result pain and suffering came into the world.  Bad things happen because there is sin in the world.  People lie, steal, and murder and that is what causes all of man’s problems.  You might say, “Why can’t God just get rid of the bad people?”  God did that during the great flood.  He killed all the unrighteous people except Noah and his family.  The issue is that every human being has a sinful nature and so there was still sin in the world.  If God were to get rid of all the pain in the world he would have to get rid of all the people.  In heaven there will be no sin and the Bible says there will be no tears or pain in heaven.  In heaven everyone will agree that we messed everything up by doing it our way and will be grateful to do it God’s way.  The problem with the world is that people are trying to do things their way and not God’s way.  Have you broken God’s law?  Have you ever told a lie?  Have you ever stolen anything? Jesus said if you lust after a person you have committed adultery in your heart and if you hate someone you have murdered them in your heart.  If you stand before God you will be guilty and go to hell.  Unless someone was able to pay your fine then you could go free.   That is what Jesus did when he died on that cross.  He took the full wrath of God in your place and then rose from the grave.  Today, repent and trust Jesus.