It’s narrow-minded to believe there is only one way to heaven.

The law of non-contradiction states that ‘A’ cannot equal ‘Non-A’.  Therefore, either all religions are false or only one of them is true, but all of them cannot be true.  Likewise, either Jesus is God or He is a spirit baby or the archangel Michael or a good teacher or simply just a prophet.  Only one of these can be true. Nevertheless, when picking a religion you’d want to choose one that was true, wouldn’t you?  If you hold up reality and you hold up Christianity you will see that they line up.  If a person would rape and murder your best friend you would want justice.  The God of the Bible is just.  When you are guilty before a judge your knees knock and you want mercy.  The God of the Bible has a plan to give you mercy.  When you plan for the future you want to know for sure that you can know it will go well.  The Bible says that you can know if you are going to heaven or not.  Do you believe that people that do bad things should be punished?  Have you done bad things?  Have you lied?  Have you stolen? Jesus said if you lust after a person you have committed adultery in your heart and if you hate someone you have murdered them in your heart.  If you stand before God you will be guilty and go to hell.  Logically you either need to pay your own fine somehow or someone else must pay it for you.  Christianity is the only religion where God loves you so much that Jesus Christ His Son paid the fine on the cross.  He took the full wrath of God in your place and then rose from the grave.  Today, repent and trust Jesus.