Repeated a Prayer

For most of my life I believed myself to be a Christian because when I was 8yrs old I repeated a prayer, but there was no evidence of true conversion. I was no different than my friends or anyone in the streets for that matter. In June of 2004, I had stumble across a website called “The Way of the Master”, a Christian program that equipped Christians to share the gospel. My curiosity was peaked and I began to watch. At first it was really entertainment for me, then because I believed I was a Christian, I began to witness to my brother’s friends.

However, nothing prepared me for what was going to occur. One day as I sat down in front of my computer, ready to watch my show, the episode was entitled “true and false conversion”. My world was turned right side up that day. The realities of my false conversion were made evident through the truths found in scripture,.  I had no fruits of the Spirit, no desire for holiness or righteousness. etc

I had been awakened  and the only thing I could do was call upon the name of the Lord, repent and trust in him. On that day, I passed from death to life and began my journey.

The gospel is the most important message you will ever hear. Gospel simply means good news, however, whats good news without some bad news. The bad news is that everyone is guilty before a Holy, Just and Righteous God. We are guilty of breaking God’s law his 10 commandments. The punishment for a guilty sinner is hell, but the good news is that even though we are deserving of hell, Jesus took our punishment on the cross. Jesus, who was God in the flesh endured the agony of the cross while suffering under the wrath of God the Father. Jesus rose again on the third day and ascended to the right hand of the Father. God now calls all men everyone to repent and to trust in his son for the forgiveness of sin. Eleven years ago, by God’s sovereign grace he saved me, today God’s grace is extended towards anyone who would repent and trust in Christ.

Listen to “True and False Conversion

Nick Astacio

CCN Ministry Teacher