The Bible was written by men

You might say “The Bible was changed.”  There is no recorded time in history when the Bible was changed.  If you wanted to change the Bible without anyone knowing what would you have to do?  Let’s use the example of trying to change an article in today’s local college newspaper.  You would need to start by collecting all of the current copies.  That means going into every dorm, apartment, car, trash can, coffee shop, and classroom if you wanted to ensure there were no copies remaining.  Next, you would have to print up a new version and replace all of those that were in circulation.  The New Testament was circulated all over the Mediterranean.  We would have found copies of the ones that were not changed and it would have been impossible to change it without people knowing.  We have over 64,000 parts and copies of the Bible.  It is one of the most accurate books of antiquity.  Imagine a woman has the formula for eternal life.  If you add to it or take away from it then you die.  She has 5 friends that she wants to have eternal life.  She gives each friend the formula.  She loves those friends so she takes great care to write down the formula.  Her house burns down and she loses the formula. So she goes to each of her friends. She asks them if they still have the formula.  They do not but they each gave it to 5 of their friends.  She goes to their friends and she is able to get 19 copies.   There is one that has an ingredient added and another that is missing an ingredient.  There are a couple of spelling mistakes. When you look at all of them you can tell what the original said.   We have over 64,000 copies of the Bible.  Therefore, we know it is 99.99% accurate.