Drawing a Crowd with Trivia

Description: In an area that is surrounded by fun and games trivia and prizes draw a nice crowd to share the Gospel with open-air preaching. You ask 3 or 4 trivia questions to gather a crowd and then offer a bigger prize for a person to take the good person test.

Things you will need

● List of really easy trivia questions that everyone can answer

● Prizes (Stuffed Animals or Gospel DVDs or Big Money Gospel Tracts or Money)

● 1 Christian willing to ask trivia questions

● 1 Christian willing to take people through the good person test.

● Stool

● Chalk

● Amplifier if allowed in that location

● Bible

● Tracts

● Other Christians to make a mock crowd

Outreach Time: It depends on the number of prizes that you have.

Prep Time: Gathering prizes might take a week or more while you are ordering prizes and waiting for them to be delivered or donated. It can take an hour or two to gather trivia and print it out


1. Gather a list of trivia questions. .You will want to know the trivia and test it out on friends to see if they know the answers. You want the questions to be really easy. (Example: Question: What is the most popular cookie in the US? Answer: Oreo) You want them to make lots of guesses and be fun and easy.

2. Gather Prizes:

● Stuffed animals can be donated from Moms groups in the church. You can buy them at garage sales very cheaply. Make sure they are in almost new condition. After you get them to put them in the dryer with a dryer sheet on fluff for 5 minutes to get rid of the dust and give them a nice smell. Spray them off with Lysol.

● DVD’s with a Gospel message on them. Example (Biggest Question DVD, 180 Movie…)

● Big money Gospel tracts. These can be purchased at www.livingwaters.com.

● 1 dollar bills and 5’s,10’s or 20’s


  • Locate a public place where a large crowd can gather around you and not block traffic or pedestrians. Note: Police may come if you block traffic or pedestrians.
  • Place a chalk line on the ground like a 3 point line about 10 -15 feet from where the open-air preacher will be located.
  • Stand on the stool and ask people to go by to answer the trivia questions and tell them they will get a prize.
  • Ask the question over and over again and tell people what the prize will be if they win.
  • If someone gets it wrong repeat the answer they gave and say “Did you say …? No that is wrong?”
  • When someone gets it right then make a big deal about it and have a mock crowd scream with joy and clap.
  • Give a gospel tract with each prize as well so that everyone that gets a prize gets a Gospel tract too.
  • When you give out the prize let people know that a bigger prize is coming.
  • After you gather a crowd from doing trivia ask people to go for the big prize and take the “Good Person Test” You can tell them that pass or fail they win a prize they just have to be honest.
  • Take the person through the “Good Person Test”
  • Explain what Jesus did on the cross.
  • Explain that they do not deserve and they cannot earn salvation but it is a free gift. Then tell them to help you remember salvation is a free gift you are going to give them a prize even though they are not a good person. They did not earn it. They do not deserve it but if they come forward and take the prize it is theirs.
  • If the person does not come and get the prize to explain to the crowd that to get salvation a person must humble themselves and not everyone will humble themselves to receive salvation just like this person did not humble themselves to receive the prize.
  • After the person takes the good person test ask: “Is anything stopping you from repenting and putting their faith in Jesus?” Most of the time they will give you their biggest objection to becoming a Christian and you can use apologetics to keep and grow the crowd and them preach the gospel again.
  • If the person says that nothing is stopping them then go over what they must do and how a Christian should live, ask them if they have any questions and direct them to another Christian to talk to so they can help them in any way necessary. We do not pray the sinner’s prayer with people since we do not have access to the book of life and do not want to create a false convert. You cannot tell if a person is a Christian until they have persisted in their faith and bear fruit in keeping with repentance.
  • After you preach the Gospel again if you need to grow the crowd you can do more trivia and go through the cycle again.
  • As people walk away, a Christian should hand out tracts, and attempt to engage them in an evangelistic conversation.
  • To get people to participate you can look at what people have on and call them out by what they are wearing. Let’s say that a person is wearing a black hat you can say “I need someone with a black hat on to take the good person test to win a prize. Hey you in the black hat come over here and try and win a prize it is totally free.”