Ferry Boat Evangelism

For anyone that is in a close commute of a ferry, trolley, or boat, this recipe is just for you!  Here you will learn how to effectively do open-air evangelism in a pop-up style in a closed moving vehicle.


  • Open Air Evangelist (The more the merrier, the less the best)
  • Cell Phones (If text are needed)
  • Bible
  • Tracts

Performance Time: about 10-15 minutes

Depending on how long the commute is to the stopping point.

Prep Time: Take time in prayer against opposition when it comes to any closed crowded place, and seek the Lord before going out. Practice using a loud voice so that your voice does not die quickly.


1. Research the Ferry that you will be taking, see how long it takes to get to either side of the port.

2. Look at the seating of the boat and get an idea of how crowded the boat looks when full.

3. Pick out Magazines, Books, or Earphones, that will make you seem more like a civilian.

4. Arrange a preaching line up as such:

  • Samantha: Shares and intro (Usually the most vocal person)
  • Amber: Shares the Law
  • Michael: Shares the Gospel
  • Jim: Explains Repentance
  • Todd: Explains the Ressurection
  • Stan: Closes out


Note* Before any acting takes place, all participants should take part in prayer.

1. Find a location that is populated but not overly crowded with civilians, and sit down in eye-range of one another.

2. Pull out any Magazines, or prop earphones (do not turn on music), start reading any literature, or if you’re really feeling spunky- strike up a conversation with the person next to you. This throws everyone on the boat off, and it starts to get berry delicious because people start to step into a realm of unawareness.

3. Wait about 2 minutes after the boat has pulled off, and the Opener will stand up and begin to preach (Make sure that all preachers are sitting down, this sets the scene for pop-up preaching).

4. After the first preacher sits down, the next preacher should pop-up up and continue the message, and when on a moving vehicle, it is best to project your voice with your diaphragm as much as possible.

5. Once the very last preacher has sat down, if there is still time, you can strike up a conversation with the person next to you, and ask them what they thought of our lovely Message.

6. Each person that is speaking might have to keep moving while doing their part.  In NYC the person speaking must keep walking.