Homeless Evangelism

Outside/Inside of a Mcdonalds, find a homeless person and offer to buy them lunch.  This is better than giving money because you will know where your money is going. Once inside, after your order, offer to eat together, and while eating, share the gospel.


  • Money (at least 10 bucks)
  • Extra Bible (if necessary)
  • Gospel tracts
  • If you live in the area (a flyer to your church or any local outreach program in the area)
  • Love for the lost

Performance Time:

Depending on how long the person takes to eat, and how long the conversation lasts


  1. If you are not used to being around homeless people, that’s okay, just take a quick read over the book of James, and pray against any respect of persons, and see past their appearance or smell.
  2. Scout out the area, you don’t want to do this at a Mcdonalds that has like 9 homeless people waiting for meals and you only pick one. That wouldn’t look right.
  3. Have a spirit of discernment when approaching people off the street always be wise, and conscious of your surroundings, if you are a sister, you should have a brother with you just in case.


Note* Before any acting takes place, all participants should take part in prayer.

1. Find a Mcdonalds, and look for someone asking for change or sitting in Mcdonalds with one cup of coffee for the past 30 minutes.

2. With a smile, approach them and ask if they would mind if you bought them some lunch. Or a better way to do this is to buy 3 burgers and state that you have an extra burger and if they would like it, if yes, ask if they mind if you joined them.

3. When eating, hopefully, you have an extrovert that will strike up most of the conversations, and then all you have to do is swing it to the gospel. But if you have a quiet person, you could just pray over your food, and make a comment like, “Can’t forget to give thanks for my meal, because each one is a gift from God . . . are you  praying Man/women?”

4. After you have an opening for the gospel, if the person is quiet and seems distant, don’t go through the good person test just share the gospel. In most cases, people on the streets hardly have anyone to talk to and they love to share their life stories, so you may be talking for a while. Be kind and make sure to shake their hand or hug them when leaving, this shows that you are not afraid to touch them and it shows brotherly love.

(If you are a Brother and you are witnessing to a female, bring a female with you and let her hug her and you instead just shake her hand. And vice versa.)