Sinners Anonymous

When you are on a subway, bus or a ferry and you want to share the gospel in an interesting way. You can use several peoples testimonies to share the gospel. People really pay attention when we use this method.



  • You need 2 or more people to really be effective but you could do this on your own.
  • Boldness
  • Be on a subway, ferry or bus.
  • Know your testimony and have the law, judgement, and the gospel included in your testimony.

Performance Time:

You will need enough time to thank people for coming to the meeting and asking people to give their testimonies.  You will need the time it takes for 2 to 3 people to give their testimony.


  1. Everyone needs to practice giving their testimony ahead of time.
  2. Each testimony needs to include the fact that they broke God’s law and would end up in hell.  The testimony must explain that Jesus died to pay the fine and people must repent and trust Jesus.
  3. You want to know how long you have between stops so that you can plan how much detail goes into your testimony.
  4.  Make it natural do not use amplification.
  5. Enjoy telling your story.
  6. Be loud enough that people can hear you but not too loud to be annoying.


  1. Everyone get onto the subway car separately.
  2. When everyone is settled one person stands up and thanks everyone for coming to the meeting.  The person asks for people to give their testimony.
  3. The person sits down and looks around for someone to give their testimony.  The person gives a little bit of a pause. The person pleads with people about 3 times.
  4. The person stands back up and says I know this is hard so  I will get things started and share my testimony.
  5. Then the person asks if anyone else would be willing to give their testimony and sits down.
  6. The next person stands up and starts to give their testimony.  As you can see in the picture above people are shocked when someone else gets up and gives their testimony.

 In the one location we did this others had almost been arrested for preaching the gospel a few days earlier and we had the same guards tell the complainers to sit and be quiet so that they could see all that would happen. A little creativity can go a long way for finding a way to share the gospel. Many people heard the gospel.