Table Evangelism


On the college campus there are great opportunities to set up an evangelism table. This table includes Gospel tracts, Bibles, Evangelism books, and prizes such as teddy bears and/or treats. Setting up the table in a high traffic area on campus allows students to easily approach the table with questions and believers can share the gospel and distribute materials to students (believers and non-believers).

Testimony from Campus Leader at the City College of New York:

“At CCNY we set up a table in the middle of a public area on campus, and we set up an IQ test. Our table is usually packed with Teddy bears, Bibles, and encouraging books (that we give to believers). We invite students over for an IQ test, then we share the gospel with them and give them a free bear afterward. Students love free things, and since we have our table overflowing with Teddy Bears, they immediately stop to try and solve the IQ test in order to win one. The test is simply a way to usher the conversation into the gospel. After we share the gospel with them we give them a teddy bear which symbolizes the “free gift” of eternal life, that we didn’t earn. We’ve had students bring new friends every week to hear the gospel! And whenever Christians approach our table we tell them about the ministry and give them a gospel tract and encourage them to give it to someone before the end of the day.”

The greatest key to effective table evangelism is to make sure you have a smile on your face and allow students to ask questions. With CCN, students are challenged to engage with their peers in conversations about Christianity, and the table is simply a friendly display of our eagerness to help students understand the gospel. Most times Christians will also approach your evangelism table and its an opportunity for CCN to promote the ministry and to encourage them to share their faith as well.