Dramatic Performance

In an outdoor setting, an acting team draws a crowd using a theatrical performance, geared towards the gospel that keeps the attention of the people until the gospel is able to be preached to all onlookers.

Things needed:

  • Actors (at least 3)
  • Props (if necessary)
  • Music (for dramatic effect)

Performance Time:

Depending on how long the skit will be (suggested time: 4-10 minutes).

Prep Time:

Time spent learning the scripts will depend on acting ability and practice.


  1. Train a small or large acting team in a short script that is able to portray the main point that is geared towards the gospel and salvation.

2. Take 10 minutes on each character to base and coat the script with as much emotion that is needed. And let the actors marinate in their lines until each piece is delivered with passion.

3. Now that the actors are well seasoned in their lines, place some music or effects inside with the lines, and let it sit together until it seems right. Do not take out the music too early

4. Review all the lines, and add any extra toppings like props, or other costume arrangements, start scouting for potential locations, and check all sound equipment if using music or extra sound effects.


Note* Before any acting takes place, all participants should take part in prayer.

1. Find a location that is populated but not overly crowded or do not set up in the middle of a direct walkway. The location should be off to the side but not away for civilization.

2. Have someone (it doesn’t have to be an actor it could be any Christian at outreach) turn on the music or any sound effects for a soundcheck. Then start placing your actors, and prepare to perform.

3. When performing all movements and expression should be done passionately.

4. Have one of the performers turn to the crowd and share the gospel.  You can have one person share the law and a second person share the gospel the team would like.