Sketch Board Evangelism

This form of evangelism does require you to practice and to buy several things to make it work.  However it does help people to engage with you.  It is different than a lot of other evangelist use and you can create a board that goes through any section of the Bible. 

The one that you see me going through above is a wonderful riddle that even after you preach and paint it you can leave up and go through over and over again.  You can download it here.

I had people request that I do a video about how to do a kids club.  So I created the one below.

You will need the following:

You need a sheet to Learn how to make the Letters: Letter_Practice

Then you need a sheet to practice making the letters: Letter Practice Sheet

You need paper.  You can buy the paper from OAC or you can call a local newspaper and ask if you can have the rolls of paper after they are done with them.  The one that I go to has paper left on the rolls after they are done and they ware willing to give them to us for ministry.

Sketch Board


5 Paint Brushes

Paint kit contains brushes and paints

Preach – O – Matic

You can get more messages that are pre-made from OAC as well.

There is a special black paint you need if you want to write in clear crayon and then paint over it and have it show up.

  1. I use this method to have kid clubs in local neighborhoods.  Many kinds are just happy to get attention.  It is a wonderful way to weekly sew into communities and share the gospel. 

Thinks you need to do a kids club.

  • Prepared games
  • Prepared Sketch Board
  • Prepared Hangman Sketch Board
  • Preach – O – Matic
  • Paints
  • Brushes
  • Prizes for kids that behave.
  • Tracts that share the gospel.
  • Gospel bracelets
  • Gospel tracts that go with the cards
  • Football, Basketball, Frisbee
  • Tarp for the kids to sit on.
  • Rope Trick to share the gospel. There are several of these kinds of things on the OAC Site. (Three ropes, rat trap,check balance,)
How to do the kids club.
  1. You will walk around the neighborhood and tell the kids and parents that you are going to have a kids club in the local park.  You can also tell them that you will be doing this every week at a certain time.
  2. You play a few games with the kids.  Then you tell the kids to race over to get a seat on the tarp.
  3. Then you do a rope trick or something else along those lines.
  4. Then you do your hangman with a Bible verse.
  5. You can do a song with hand signals.
  6. Tell the kids to sit down and tell them the boy and the girl that pay attention the best get to pick a prize.  Then you go through your main message. 
  7. After the message you tell them that if anyone wants to learn more about Jesus and get a bracelet you can talk to one of these people.  The people they go talk to has a bracelet with different colors on it to share the gospel.  They also have a card that goes through the gospel colors.  You can give out bracelets and cards and Bibles to anyone that wants one.
I was never a big fan of kids ministry, however when I saw the impact of this on the kids I was sold out to this idea.