False Convert

You are witnessing to someone who you may have approached because of their reaction to the gospel message or their behavior seems contrary to having any Christian belief.  You ask them if they believe that they are a “Good Person” they reply “Definitely, I am a GREAT person- I’m going to heaven!”


  • True and False Conversion Lesson (audio or video)
  • Discernment
  • Bible verses in memory (or bible in hand)
  • Witnessing Booklet
  • 1 John


Depending on how long it takes to share with them but you don’t want to spend too much time with them, you want to share the gospel with them while not appearing to be preaching to them, let them know through scripture that they need to examine themselves, and leave it to them to come to the conclusion that they are/may be a false convert.  

Prep Time:

No desired time, as soon as you see signs of FC (false Conversion) go into the gospel.


1. Visit Changeyourcampus.com and search true-and-false conversions and watch the video

2. Take time to read Revelations 21:8 (this verse is critical because FC’s don’t think that they are heading to hell, they may not even believe that God sends anyone to hell that isn’t a Murderer, they believe that they are excluded and are quote-on-quote “GOOD.”

3. Read Matthew 7:15-23


Note* Before any acting takes place, all participants should take part in prayer.

1. Strike up a conversation with someone, and begin to share the gospel. If they say that they are a Christian early on, do not stop witnessing just yet.

2. In most cases, you can ask what someone thinks to happen to them after they die, they usually will reply with, “I don’t know” or “You go to heaven!” and when later questions if they believe in heaven you will hear, “Sure! Most definitely, and of course!”

3. Share the gospel with them, and if while going through the law of God, they feel convicted and skip ahead saying, “But God forgives,” or “I go to church” or “I was raised in the church” Then you have a hint that they may be a False Convert.

4. Continue to share the Gospel, share Hebrews 9:27 “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:”  Explain how God is Holy.

5. Now at this point ask them who Jesus is and what He did? and since they claim to be Christian they should know about Jesus. Keep the conversation on Jesus by asking, ”And what did Jesus do for us?”

5. If they know little to nothing about Christ, ask them if they know the Good News, in most cases they will say “no” then share the gospel with them, explaining the death, and Resurrection of Jesus, and explain repentance. Read to them what Jesus said in Matthew 7:15-23 and explain that going to church or being raised in the church doesn’t make them saved, and you will know a real believer but believing, trusting, and repenting to Jesus is what saves them, not their works or good deeds.

6. Share all of this with them in love and make sure to smile when sharing the Good News, because it truly is Good News!