The goal is the gospel

Some groups do outreach by giving out water bottles, handing out food, painting faces and other fun or helpful things. It is fine to do these things but it is not outreaching unless you are sharing the gospel. Letting people see our good deeds are good but they will not understand why we are doing them unless we are sharing the gospel.

When we are out witnessing we often use apologetics and then stay in apologetics. We need to make sure that when we start going down a rabbit hole with a person we get back to the gospel.

The gospel is the goal. Often times when we are open-air preaching people will start asking questions and we spend an hour or two going over answers to questions. There will be people in the crowd that come and go and they never hear the gospel. I oftentimes have to give a hand signal to the person to share the gospel. Apologetics is interesting. Apologetics draws crowds. We draw crowds to share the gospel and we must keep that in mind.

There are times that evangelist gets together to do evangelism but end up arguing about secondary theology issues instead. Theology is important but having non-Christians see you arguing is not good. It also wastes the time you were supposed to be out sharing the gospel.

There are theological issues that should divide Christians. At CCN we have people fill out a form to make sure that we agree on theology and methods that matter before we go out witnessing. We make sure a person has the right gospel and that they are good with biblical evangelism before we will go out witnessing with others.

The point is that you want to make evangelism about the gospel. You do not want evangelism to be about good deeds.