Wandering Table Evangelism

Have you ever gone to a place were there are lots of people sitting at tables and you want to evangelize them without causing a scene.  You are not allowed to handout tracts because of the location.

You can go table to table and try and fit in.  Go to the first table and ask if anyone is interested in the Bible Study.  You can ask some other engaging question as well. If anyone engages then you talk to that person.  As you engage this person talk a little louder. While you are talking to the one you look at everyone at the table.  You share your testimony with them.  Remember your testimony should include, God’s Law, judgement, what Jesus did on the cross and repentance and faith.  You can ask questions about their religious background.  You can tell the people all about your ministry as well.    You speak loud enough for others to hear.  You do not want people at other tables to hear because you will be going there next.  You just want to be loud enough for everyone at the table to hear you.

Testimony from a campus leader at the Montgomery County Community College of Pennsylvania:

As we arrived on campus to do our weekly Bible Study in the cafeteria, we discovered there was an event in progress and the cafeteria was booked for the people at the event. I thought I was going to have to return home because I did not see any way to have my weekly Bible Study in the cafeteria as usual. That is when 2 of our CCN people began to strategically go from table to table in the cafeteria to: 1) quietly share at each table about our CCN ministry and 2) Share the gospel with some or all the people at the table they went to. This is the strategy: As they went from table to table, they tried to make eye contact or look for an opportunity to say something or to connect with someone at the table. Once you are invited to talk to at least one person then you share about CCN not preachy, but loud enough for everyone at the table to hear. If they did not want to hear about CCN we leave them with a brief gospel presentation as we departed from the table only loud enough for everyone at that table to hear. This is particularly challenging because it is not your event, so you do not want to be noticed doing this, or you may be asked to leave. But this is possible if you are discrete and quietly engaging.

That day we shared about CCN and evangelized at every table in the cafeteria at the event. We did get some people to sign up for the Bible Study and the gospel was quietly shared!

Andre Goff