Front Door Evangelism

Door Sign: If you tell me I cannot do evangelism because I cannot go anywhere then this is for you.  You can put a sign on your door that is as artistic as you like.  You can print out a gospel message and put it on your door.  You can put a link to a website on your door like or

You could laminate the paper so that it will not be ruined by the weather.  You can use packing tape to laminate the paper.  That is what I use to laminate my huge custom signs I make with permanent markers.

Magnetic Tract Holder: You could get a magnetic business card holder and put it on your door and put tracts in it.

Box of Evangelistic Material: I have seen people put out boxes with notes on them that said please take me.  The box could have DVD’s, books or anything evangelistic in the box.

Keep Tracts Near your Door:  I have tracts in my organizer by the door so that I can give delivery people tracts when they come to the door.