Praise Dance

A praise dance team draws a crowd in an open area through movement and the use of props. After a praise dance, a Christian shares the gospel in a loud voice (open-air preaching) with the audience.


  • Praise Dancers (at least two)
  • Props such as colorful streamers, flags, tambourines, or fans
  • 1 Christian, willing to open-air preach
  • Christians to witness one to one (if available)

Outreach Time:

Depending on how long the preacher chooses to preach (suggested time: 5-7 minutes).

Prep Time:

Time spent teaching praise dancers a choreography varies based on skill level.


  1. Choose a song that is evangelical. (Ex. At the Cross by Hillsong, Lead Me To The Cross by Hillsong, Bless The Lord (Son of Man) by Tye Tribbett)
  2. Teach the dance choreography to a small or large group of praise dancers. Break the dance moves into small sections. (Ex. Introduction, Verse 1, Verse 2, Chorus, and Verse 3)
  3. Make sure that the praise dancers are spaced out during the choreography. The preacher, who is present the whole time, stands at the side of the praise dancers and waits until the song is over to begin preaching.
  4. Practice these routines until they look “sharp” and “polished.”


  1. Locate a public place where a large crowd can gather around you and not block traffic or pedestrians. Note: Police may come if you block traffic or pedestrians.
  2. Have the praise dance team begin to dance until a crowd forms.
  3. Once the crowd forms, the Christian begins to preach in a loud voice.
  4. As people walk away, the people witnessing one-to-one should hand out, especially the Why We Perform tracts, and attempt to engage them in an evangelistic conversation.
  5. Have a performer get up and share the gospel with everyone open air.