Rap Musical

The rap team will start off by doing a simple rap and the worship team will jump in, creating a musical surprise. After someone can do an open-air preach.


  • At least 2 rappers
  • At least 3 singers
  • Mock audience in whole surrounding area to witness.

Outreach time: However long the performance takes and preacher preaches.

Prep time: Meet on a weekly basis for about a month to direct when each rapper/singer comes in and practice.


  • Each rapper will submit the rap that they are most comfortable rapping with a song to their leader.
  • When meeting everyone can brainstorm which songs could go with best raps and also decide if some raps need to be created.
  • Do run-throughs to see if everything sounds good.
  • Make sure you have mock audience/people witnessing


  • Find a populated area that has many spots for performers to scatter.
  • Have rappers start the rap and get everyone’s attention and then the singers will step in.
  • Once a huge crowd starts listening then people can start handing out tracts.
  • One of the rappers gets up and shares the gospel open air.