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Repent and Witness Ocean City Maryland

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Repent and Witness was a huge success. We were able to share the gospel with thousands. You can see Andre here sharing the gospel with many people. He did a great job of drawing and keeping a crowd.

We had Anthony Silvestro, Andrew Rappaport and Ed Neimann teaching for the week. We went over topics needed for witnessing on the college campuses in these coming years.  Pray that we are able to use this new knowledge on the campuses this year.

We were able to draw large crowds to hear the gospel. You can see Anthony Silvestro using apologetics to gather a crowd. Everyone heard the gospel.

Ed taught us all how to use the techniques that Open Air Campaigners use to gather a crowd and share the gospel. We used florescent paint and a black light and it really drew a crowd.

Here is Garrett, who used to be a CCN college student, sharing the gospel using his new found skill. Several of us will continue to use this method for doing kids clubs and on the college campuses.

We were able to get into more one to one conversations than we could count on the boardwalk. Laura was able to talk to group after group and share the gospel with them.


I have more pictures than I could fill an email with. Please pray for everyone that heard the gospel this month.

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