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Sharing is Caring

The color didn’t change,” exclaimed the young woman, after I handed her a good person tract. The tract has a place for you to put your thumb and states that it will turn purple if you’re a good person. The problem is that none of us are good. After she attempted the second time to get a positive “good, “ on the test with another failure. I shared the Gospel with her.

Once a month, during the summer at Wake Forest, North Carolina, I attend Friday night on the White music festival where thousands come out and listen to the band of the evening. I join Gospel of God Ministries during the summer to share the gospel at the festival. It is a great opportunity to fellowship with friends and share the “Good News. “ 

As I prepare to return to campus in the fall,  pray for the students as they return to the University campuses where so many are lured away by the freedoms offered to them that they are unprepared to face. Pray for me as well as I return to the campus to share the Gospel. Please pray for the Bible Study at ECU.

Tim said This guy above claims that my preaching isn’t loving enough, saying Jesus wouldn’t be preaching against sin. My response was preaching against sin and warning people of the wrath of God to come is loving because I care about their salvation if they don’t repent & trust in Jesus!

This is Emmet. He used to participate in Andre’s church youth group years ago. He recently connected with  Andre wanting to go out to do evangelism. It was great to see him still committed and serving God. He said he may be open to going to a college campus to do ministry. I pray he does!

Jen was able to share the gospel with many people at the Hampton Community Days event. People were grateful to hear the gospel. Many people laughed at the IQ tests and enjoyed the Optical Illusions.

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