Tim Jackson

At CCN, we are called as Christians to win the lost and disciple the found. Our leaders sent by the church and called by the ministry, go onto our local college campuses and seek out Christians to disciple. Before we take a Campus leader on, We make sure they are a member of a local church and understand they are a member of the church to serve the body of Christ. When the students graduate from college they know they should, and are able to go back to their churches and serve in the body of Christ at their local church.

Our leaders invite students- Christian and non-Christian- to weekly fellowships which include Bible study, prayer, and training in Biblical doctrine, apologetics, and evangelism. They apply what they learn as we take Christian students out to share their faith. This is where the other aspect of CCN comes in; we actively seek to share our faith with lost people(professors and students-)on college campuses through witnessing and Bible studies. As the believers grow, we train them how to write a Bible Study, teach a Bible study, lead outreaches and run a weekly prayer call. Our goal is to teach our Christian students everything that Jesus has taught us in His Word so that they will become the next generation of soul-winning Christians wherever their education takes them.

I am a Campus Leader at the Tidewater Community College. I am in the process of raising funds so that I can cover the costs of doing this ministry on the college campus. Please consider partnering with me. Not everyone can go to the Campus to witness and disciple students but you can partner with me so that the job is done to the glory of God. Even $10 a month helps.

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