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Campus Mission Tour Update 2024

CCN’s Campus Mission Tour 2024  was a great experience this year. Above you can see a picture with Garrett, Cliff, Anthony a Temple student we had just met, and Andre. Garrett was the first to share the Gospel with Anthony. Cliff soon joined in. By the time Andre walked over to see what was going on, they were praying for this young student who was repenting from his sin and praying for forgiveness. 
Andre said, what a great moment! I  believe that is the essence of what our ministry is about. It is great to come together for sound teaching and then go out and put it to practice on a college campus. Even teaching others how to be intentional in sharing their faith. I thank God for CCN. We are a sound Christian College ministry team. We may be small in numbers, but we are making a great impact on college campuses and surrounding communities. Praise God!!

Here is Jen Witnessing at the Clothes Pin.

Jen said:Pray for these two ladies. They took the IQ test and then I walked them through the gospel. I asked them what was stopping them from repenting and trusting in Jesus and they told me their will. They thought that they would repent and trust Jesus when they got older. I explained that they might not get a chance to get older. I also explained that as people get older they get hardened and are less likely to turn. I asked them if they knew any older people who speak their minds. They laughed and told me they lived with a grandfather who did just that. Pray for them.

Tim did a great job taking people through the IQ test and the good person test at the Clothes Pin. Please pray for everyone that heard the gospel in Philadelphia.

Each day at the Campus Mission Tour we had different Missionaries with us. We shared the gospel with hundreds of people in a one to one fashion. We had students share the gospel for the first time. We had students hand out gospel tracts for the first time. Please pray that these young people continue to share the gospel.

One of the students that joined us sharing the gospel after he took the student through the IQ test.

Parting is  Sweet Sorrow
The school year has come to an end, and this year, it is time to bid farewell to Zach (Middle). As he graduates and ventures into the world, I can’t help but reflect on the significant role he played in our campus life. His contributions were not just noteworthy, they were instrumental in many ways. Zach, your absence will be deeply felt. 
While we won’t have the opportunity to meet face to face throughout the summer, as we’ll be scattered across the globe, I’m looking forward to our virtual meetings via Zoom. It’s a great way to stay connected despite the distance. 
This past year on campus has been exciting! Three students who believed in evolution came to Bible study, leaving with a new worldview. God created the world, and nothing can produce nothing.  Many tracts and conversations have taken place. Fifty Bibles, fifty New Testaments, as well as ten,  “The Cost,”  ten,“The Evolution Handbook,” “The Case for Christ,” “Rotten Fish,” hundreds of “What Time is Purple?”, and the “God Puzzle.” We are making an impact, and the students share the gospel with their fellow students, professors, and beyond. 
Look for opportunities to share the gospel this summer. So many things are happening around the world: wars, rumors of wars, earthquakes, and famines. Jesus said that these are just the birth pangs. The labor has begun, and it will slowly intensify. Go and share the good news. This world needs it. I will be on the streets and at festivals this summer.  I am thankful for the opportunity to serve God as a campus missionary. However, I am not limited to a university campus. Don’t waste your dash; go serve your King, Jesus; he is the only way, the only truth, and eternal life is found in Him alone, for He alone paid the debt for all.

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