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Witnessing in the summer

Tim did a great job sharing the gospel with these two young men at Virginia beach oceanfront.  pray that these two repent and trust Jesus.

Pray for Anthony and Balve. I shared the good news with them. I asked them what was keeping them from repenting and trusting Jesus. They told me being cool. I explained that God is not a killjoy. keeping the law helps your relationships with other people good and your relationship with God. I shoulders them that repenting and putting their faith in Christ would reduce issues of anxiety of breaking the law, getting caught and having issues with others. They thanked me and said they would repent.

Friday night in Pottstown means the gospel is going out. They talked to two people that professed to be agnostic. One of the Larry tracked the conversation with a bunch of batman trivia.  We allowed him to speak for a while. We transitioned to the gospel and he claimed that he couldn’t believe in what he could not see.  He told us that everyone believes differently. We shared the gospel with him for about 20 minutes and then he got quiet. He listened to the gospel. Pray he turns and trusts in Jesus. Larry is the top left in this picture. Pray for him.

Two babies got saved this month when Jen was down at the clinic. Many people say it is a waste of time to be down there but if you are not there then God cannot use you.

Pray for all the kids that Jen shared the gospel with this month using bubbles and optical illusions.

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