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CCN Students sharing the gospel

Above you see a student in NC sharing the gospel on the college campus. CCN is all about sharing the gospel and training students to go and share the gospel. We want the next generation to know what they believe and why they believe it. We want them to be able to share and defend the gospel. We want the students to know how a Christian is supposed to live and walk the walk.

Mary had many gospel conversations this month on the college campus. She and the students handed out six Bibles, twenty New Testaments, and Case for Christ as well as many other resources. The students are participating in reaching their campus with the gospel. They join Mary in handing out tracts and talking to students between classes. They are being encouraged by different people who thank them for sharing their faith and not compromising the gospel. The students are continuing to be leaders and teaching Bible Study. Professors who used to mock are now asking questions. Please consider supporting CCN Campus Leaders.

While sharing the gospel in Pottstown PA, Cliff and Garrett were witnessing to this student. As he heard the gospel message he said he felt like crying. A few minutes later he repented for his sin. They were able to share the gospel with many in March.

After these two got married Tom shared the gospel with them. Pray that they repent and place their faith in Jesus so they can start their new life off right.

In Pittsburgh we were able to hand out about 6000 gospel tracts at the St Patrick’s Day parade. It is always a great event to share the gospel. People read the tracts and sent us messages about them.

Mary went to a local festival and was able to share the gospel with these kids. The parents allowed Mary to take a picture of the kids after she shared the gospel with them.

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