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Drawing a Crowd

Tim Jackson, who is on top of the stool, is sharing the gospel with the gentleman in the white shirt. We love it when people stop and interact with us. We love it even more if they are super animated.  People that have questions or get loud draw big crowds. Tim is witnessing to a Black Hebrew Israelite.  He believes that only people of color are going to heaven. They pick and choose which Bible verses they believe. If you are ever trying to engage someone that is picking and choosing scriptures you need to read the verses before and after the ones they are using to make their point. Most of the time context will show they are taking the verses out of context. There are a few different sects of the Black Hebrew Israelite.  You can see an example of what they believe here. As you look at the page you can see that it is important to know who is God talking about in each of these verses.

The two ladies are Christians that Tim is going over the gospel with. The two men that are listening are Muslim. Pray for the men to repent and trust Jesus.

Tim took these guys through the IQ test and then gave them the Good Person Test. The IQ Test is a great way to break the ice and get people laughing. It helps to open people up to hear the gospel.

Please pray for everyone that heard the gospel this month.

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