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Becoming Official

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The Campus Leaders in Austin Texas are working on becoming official on Campus and they could not be more excited. It is amazing to see students excited about sharing the gospel.  This team has wonderful teachers.

One of the greatest things for a Campus Leader is to train up students and have them go out and share the gospel.  We are all about sharing the gospel and also duplicating ourselves.  We go and make disciples.  

Please pray for Tom, Thomas and Francisco as they train students to share and defend the Christian faith.  We are so excited to see the fruit of their labor.

We are having wonderful Bible Studies this semester.  One night we are going through a resource called Discovering the Glorious Gospel by Paul Washer.  Another night we are going over Foundations by RC Sproul.  Then we are going over Tactics by Greg Koukl, which is a wonderful book to help with evangelism.

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