Rotten Fish

  “Rotten Fish?” questioned a young homeless man in my area. He was referring to a booklet that is included in the Rescue Packs that we hand out in hopes to ease their suffering.

  It was early in the morning when I saw him walking down the road with his belongings on his back. His bed, a mat made of crocheted plastic bags, hung over his shoulder.  Trying to share the gospel with him proved challenging since many that are homeless seem to have a distorted view of the world. When asked if he was a good person, he said that he was, and he does good things. No matter where you live or your social status, we all have something in common.  We all think that we are surprisingly good people.

    While driving back home I passed him again at a bus stop. He was reading the gospel tract that was also included in the pack. I was so thankful to see that. A couple of weeks later I ran across him again, “I have a job, I start tomorrow!” he said with a smile. He is trying to get off the streets. I don’t know what put him there and I have no right to judge his circumstances. That same cold day as I was handing out rescue packs to the homeless a beautiful young lady came walking down a hill where I was handing out the packs, she exclaimed, “Do you have gifts for me? I want gifts!”  I did have a pack for her. She smiled so big, held out her hand, told me her name, and asked me how I was doing?  My daughter was with me, so I would not be out alone and wanting to protect her I told her my name, but regrettably I did not spend the time that I should have to speak with her longer. Please pray that God will give me another opportunity to speak with her.  

   We had a little snow last week, not much, but enough to remind me that those living outside must be struggling. I went out to see who may need some hand warmers and hot chocolate. I ran across a young lady walking down the road in a long sleeve shirt. She did not look too much older than my daughter. I pulled into a parking lot and yelled across the road to ask if she needed some handwarmers. She did! She was cold and told me that she lived in the woods. She asked if I had any gloves, I did. I also had a tarp that she could rig for shelter.  She asked if I had a coat. I did not have one on me, but I said that I would meet her later that day at a designated area at 4pm.  She never showed. Please pray that the Lord will bring her back into my path.

For just a moment before I close let us return to the fact that we tend to think that we are good people. The problem is we are not. We are all rotten fish! We have sinned against a Holy God, and just as we are repelled by rotten stinking fish, He will have nothing to with us. We deserve His wrath, but He sent His Son to pay the penalty of that sin so that we could then be acceptable in His sight. Jesus’ perfect righteousness now clothes those who repent and trust in him because He who never sinned took all our sin on Him.  The Good news is God is coming back, the bad news is God is coming back. The problem is which side of the line you are on. 

Please pray for courage as I go out, and for a buddy or two that would want to go as well.

Pray also for wisdom when speaking with the homeless or anyone. Pray that I will clearly give the Good News.

Pray that I will be able to begin a Bible Study with the homeless.

Pray as I begin to go back onto ECU campus that God will give me students to minister too.

If you would like to donate items for the homeless, I can send you a list of supplies.  You can contact me here :

If you are interested in partnering with me through Christian Collegian Network here is a link to my page.

Rescue packs this month included: hand warmers, hot chocolate, rain poncho, socks, a booklet I get from called,” You are not Alone”, as well as “Are You a Good Person” tract. What Time is Purple, Don’t Stub Your toe, and Rotten Fish are booklets I get from

I want to thank Freedom Baptist Church for helping me with tracts.

I also partner with Jesus and You Ministries (J.A.Y Ministries) as we work together for the homeless population

Thank you,

Mary Hinnant

Until next time… if He seems fit to give it.

Make the best use of the time because the days are evil.

Ephesians 5:16

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