CCN Crash Course

I went to Eastern Pa to have a CCN Crash Course. We were told over and over again how grateful everyone was to have us there. Nick and Cliff did a great job teaching. We were able to have a booth afterward at a local farmers market. Please pray that they continue to go to the farmers market to share the gospel.

It was a great opportunity. The people that ran the market told us over and over again that we could not go but the women that asked us to do the Crash Course called over and over again and they allowed us to have a booth. We were able to share the gospel with people even though there was a huge storm and there were only a few people there.

Dispite the cold weather I was able to go onto the campus and share the gospel. I love sharing the gospel with the students. Being able to go to the campus each week is wonderful. Thank You to each one of you for allowing me to be able to share the gospel. I am grateful to be able to tell people about Jesus each week.

Using the good person test to share the gospel on the campus is easy. Many times the students tell me that they have never heard it explained to them this way before. That is my favorite response other than crying out to Jesus in repentance.

The only thing that I love more is when others go out and share their faith in Jesus. Praise Jesus that others go and share the greatest news of all time. One of the greatest things that you can do if you do go and share the gospel with others is to teach others to go and share the gospel.

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