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Valentines Day Outreach

For Valentine’s Day, I handed out custom tracts with candy in little bags. I said Happy Valentine’s Day to students at Pitt and IUP.  Almost everyone took a bag. The response was very good. Everyone wants to have a Valentine and be loved on Valentine’s Day. Next year I am going to make a more customized tract for the day that talks more about the love of God. Most people said “Awe” after I gave them a bag. The one lady went through her pockets and gave me something back. I have to say that was a first. It was even organic and it was delicious.  This was by far the best giveaway I have ever done and I am going to double or triple it for next year. I am thankful to the Bible Study Ladies from my church that donated the candy and put together the bags for me.

Sharing the gospel on the Slippery Rock campus has gone very well. I have been able to share the gospel with tons of students. I have had many students stop and thank me for being on the campus and sharing the gospel.

Every other Thursday Terri has been joining me at Slippery Rock University to share the gospel. I am so grateful for her time. She does a great job sharing the gospel. Having someone else to go with is a real blessing.

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