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So much good news

Pray for Brandon. We had a great conversation. We talked about a variety of topics. Liberation Theology, Buddhism, oppression, and abuse, where morals come from and there only being two religions( works based where you earn heaven and God Paying the fine). We talked about salvation, the Catholic Church, Mormons and JWs. He thanked me for the conversation. It was a very long conversation. Pray I left a stone in his shoe and God fills him with the Spirit. It was a great day of witnessing at IUP.

Pray for this young man. He is a Hindu but he was able to give the gospel better than most students I talk to that claim to be Christian. He said he has believed in relative truth most of his life but is starting to question if there is objective truth. I tried to show him he knows there is objective truth. I asked him what the standard for judgment would be for reincarnation. I explained the Character and nature of God and the 10 commandments. Pray for him we had a great conversation.

I was able to share the gospel with many students at SRU this month.

I was so blessed by God this month to have so many gospel conversations each and every time I went out witnessing. I am so grateful to God for all the students that stopped and talked.

God granted me a connection with a Professor at Pitt who is a Christian. I have an official room to have Bible Study in this semester at Pitt. Praise Jesus for such a blessing.

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