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St Patrick’s Day Parade

The St. Patrick’s Day parade is one of my favorite outreaches every year. We handed out about 6000 tracts at the parade in Pittsburgh. Everyone loves the tracts and they thank us for getting one. We rarely see any of these tracts on the ground after the parade.

We had many wonderful conversations at the parade. people are just hanging out and talking.

I talk to this young man at the bus stop at the University of Pittsburgh. I was able to share the gospel with him. I asked him what was stopping him from repenting and putting his faith in Jesus. He told me that he grew up with Christianity but nobody could explain to him why he should believe, so I walked him through how morals show that there has to be a God. Then I walked him through the fact that there’s no way evolution is true. Next, I showed him that there had to be a beginning to the universe. I asked him what was stopping him from repenting and trusting in Jesus. He said he thought that God was cruel, and he thought that it was a religion started by men. I explained the justice of God and that God is just he can punish anyone. I explained to him how the Bible was written down and I showed him the prophecies that are in the Bible. Next, he asked, how do I know which religion is true because all of them say that they are the right one? I explained to him there were only two religions one were you have to do enough good deeds to earn heaven, or Jesus pays the fine in full and then his bus shows up. Pray for him.

Students at Slippery Rock University are almost always very sweet. I always enjoy going to share the gospel at this location. I had a gentleman thank me for being there. Each time I went up to SRU I was able to talk to at least 5 students as well as hand out tons of tracts. Please pray for everyone who got a gospel tract.

I walked this man through the gospel. It seemed that he knew the gospel so I asked him where he went to church. He told me he went to Kingdom Hall. I went through why Jesus is God. I explained to him that if Jesus is not God then he would not be able to get to heaven. He thanked me for talking to him but he said I will see you in heaven. I told him that he would not see me in heaven because he does not have the right Jesus and since he does not have the Son he does not have the Father. Pray for him.

We talked to tons of students this month. Please pray for everyone that we shared the gospel with.

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