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Booth Events have begun

Community day events are one of my favorite places to share the gospel. We talked to so many people at this festival. People had fun going through the IQ tests and seeing the optical Illusions. Pray for everyone that heard the gospel at the Strawberry Festival.

For a good portion of the time there were four of us sharing the gospel at a time. It truly was a great day of sharing. We had a sunny day that was not too hot and no rain. There were plenty of people to talk to and we had stuffed animals to give away. If you have slightly used stuffed animals I can always use them.  I am close to out of animals at this time.

Witnessing on the college campuses is over for the semester. Please pray for next semester. I am excited to have a place to have Bible Study next semester. Pray for students to come out to Bible study in the Fall.


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