Hundreds Heard the Gospel

While I was in NYC Gene, Tom and Mark ran the witnessing booth in Richland.  They had a great opportunity.  There was a Catholic booth and a Muslim booth just across from our booth.  They were able to have conversations with people at both booths.  They were able to had tons of conversations.  I am so grateful that they were willing to serve Jesus while I was witnessing in NYC.

I planned and lead two events in NYC.  We had our yearly Leadership Summit in NYC.  It was a wonderful time to bond with all of the Campus Leaders and the Board Members.  We had some wonderful training about inviting students to Bible Study, Creating Friendships on the Campus, how to prevent many kinds of abuse and how to deal with these issues.  We went out witnessing when we were not in trainings and meetings.  We had some huge crowds that got to hear the gospel during the Summit.  Praise Jesus CCN is all about sharing the gospel.

We go out witnessing in the evening as well. You would never guess that there would be that many people out and about, but it is NYC and there are always people out and about that need to hear the gospel. I love the time that we spend it NYC sharing the gospel!

Repent and Witness is one of my favorite events of the year.  We had 15 people come to NYC to go out and share the gospel.  We had 2 speakers this year.  We had Andrew Rappaport and Anthony Silvestro speak this year.  Andrew spoke about Inductive Bible Study and Anthony Silvestro spoke on Presuppositional Apologetics and Creation Science.  The teachings were amazing!

Everyone listed out goals that they wanted to accomplish.  Some wanted to proclaim the gospel open air for the first time.  Others wanted to give out so many Bibles or give out a specific number of tracts.  I wanted to get better at Apologetics during the week and witness to people without using tracts.  I had many good conversations where I got to practice and have another person that I could listen to witness.

August is a month where I have a hard time deciding what pictures to show you and what stories to tell you.  There are so many pictures to show and stories to tell. Above is a brother and sister that we shared the gospel with in Times Square.  Anthony and I took turns using different apologetic to try and help them understand the truth.

I took part in a 3rd event in August called Jesus Loves Chinatown where I help out on the English side.  

I was able to have 2 long gospel conversations with Muslims.  I had talked to a Muslim named Usaf.  He could not prove what I was saying was wrong but he did not disagree.  He hears the gospel and the truth about the trinity.  I spent a lot of time on God is just and God not being corrupt.  I asked him if a judge just let a person go that had raped a murdered a friend would that be a good judge or corrupt.  He said corrupt and agreed that a judge that did not give justice was not a good Judge. When we moved over to look at God I explained that God is not corrupt.  This is important since the Muslim god is merciful but cannot be just.  If the Muslim god lets people into heaven then he is corrupt.  It was a really good conversation.  

Jake was another Muslim that I talks with.  He was married to a Christian and he was not as set in his ways.  He understood the gospel and saw it as good news.  I pray that he repents and trust Jesus.

This is a picture of me talking to Jake.  

Thank You so much for helping to spend this time sharing the gospel!

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