10 Little Girls Professed Christ

We had a wonderful witnessing booth in Cheswick. I was able to share the gospel with many people. It has rained the last few years so this year it was wonderful to not have any rain. We had so many good conversations about Jesus. There was a women that was depressed and showing her who she is in Jesus really seemed to help her.

I went to Cleveland with a few friends to share the gospel in Cleveland. I handed out the get out of hell free card and people loved it. I handed out 600 tracts. I had several wonderful conversations. The one pictured above was by far the best conversation. I was able to share the gospel with all of these young ladies. They asked lots of questions and I was able to give them answers that they understood.

I went to the Open Air Campaigners training this month. Zane who I witness with at IUP each week has been trying to get me to go for the last two years. I finally hand the money and the time to go. It was worth it. We were told that we would be going to the neighborhoods with the highest murder rates in DC to go share the gospel. We were told to just tell people that we were there to do a kids club and there would not be any issues, but we should stick together.

We walked around the neighborhood for about 5 minutes and asked the kids to come to a kids club. We had 50 kids show up for the one kids club. Then we played ball with the kids and then played some parachute games. Then we would have them sit on a mat and listen while we showed them a rope trick while sharing the gospel, painted and shared a verse, a song and then painted and shared a gospel message.

On the first day after the message was shared, I had about 10 little girls come over to ask more questions about how to be saved. I told them they must be born again. Several of them said right away “wait you become a baby again and are born over again?” It was like right out of the Bible. They had lots of good questions and I enjoyed answering them.

On the second day I was able to paint share the message.  It was wonderful to put the training all together.  The kids sat and listened and many adults and teenagers came over to listen and see what was going on.  A grandmother thanked us for being there and asked that we come back.  Pray that those that live in the area that were at the training decide to go here each week.

On the third day, after someone else gave the message I had about 16 kids come over to me to learn more about Jesus.  I walked them through the good person test and shared the gospel with them.   I had bracelets that you can share the gospel by the colors.  So I walked them through the gospel via the bracelets and handed the bracelets out to the kids.  Then several of the kids asked how they would actually become a Christian.  I began explaining that they need to cry out to God and confess their sin.  About 10 girls just bowed their heads and started praying to God and confessing their sin.  I told them that they needed to trust that Jesus paid that fine and call out to God to fill them with the Holy Spirit.  I told them they needed to turn away from breaking God’s law out of gratitude for what Jesus did on the cross. They wanted Bibles and such.  There was a pastor that showed up that was planting a church in the area so that was just perfect.

The others at the training said I had a glow about me after that happened.  It was so awesome.

It was a wonderful month of ministry.  Thank you for your support.

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