CCN Students Sharing the Gospel

SRU students are sharing the gospel each week with me! Here is Lydia sharing the gospel her first time out with us.

Alex and I witnessed to several people today. We had two young ladies say they never heard it explained that way before and both wanted Bibles.

After I gave away the first Bible I asked Alex if I should go get another one from my car and he was like what is the chances that 2 people will want a Bible? Well the ever next young lady wanted a Bible. She walked half way across campus to my car so I could give her a Bible.

I challenged both of them to read their new Bible 15 minutes a day. They agreed that was do able! I pointed out the church that is on campus and challenged them to go there on Sunday!

I gave this young man a tract and he walked away and came back. He said that he had some questions.

He asked how I knew Jesus never sinned. I told him that Jesus rose from the grave. The wages are sin is death and the fact that death could not hold him is proof. I explained that the only thing the Jewish people could hold against Jesus is that he claimed to be God and healed people on the sabbath. There were people alive at that time who knew Jesus before he was 30 and they did not bring up any sin.

He asked if God created everything was God in everything? I told him that God created everything but was not in everything but was everywhere. I explained that God was in me but God was not in him. He was like how does that work. I told him that is just how it is. Laura joined the conversation and told him if she knitted a blanket she was not in the blanket she just created it.

He thinks that everyone is good and not evil. I asked him if he had told a lie? Had he ever stolen anything? If you hate someone you have murdered them in your heart. If you lust after a person you have committed adultery with them in your heart. If God judged you by the 10 commandments would you be innocent or guilty. He did not believe he would be guilty. I tried to explain that all humans are made in the image of God and so when we sin we are blaspheming God because when we sin we are saying God is someone he is not because we are his representatives here on earth. I messed up and said all human life has value and that is why I go and plead for unborn babies. Well he went bazurk. How dare I go and make women feel bad when they were going through this terrible thing. He went on for about 2 minutes. I told him he was judgmental for deciding one human life was more valuable than another. I asked him if one life was more valuable than another and he said yes. I told him murder is always wrong. He asked if I had adopted any children I told him not but I would adopt one if the moms would decide not to murder their child. He said I could not judge them unless I adopted. I told him it does not make it any less murder. I said if a man is beating his wife can you tell him it is wrong if you have never taken in any battered wives? He turned and walked away in ah huff.

He heard a lot of truth. Pray for him.

Donald listened to me read scripture. I looked up and there he was. I took him through the good person test showed him that he deserved hell because he broke Gods law. I explained that Jesus being fully God and fully man died on the cross for him if he repented and trusted in Jesus and 3 days he rose from the grave. I asked him if he had any questions and he said no he just wanted to listen. I read some more scripture. I took another person through the good person test and again I asked him if he had questions. He said he did and I could not hear him to answer his question so I asked Heath Pucel to help him out. He did not think he could be saved because he could not have kids. He knew that he had to bare fruit but he did not understand that there are different kinds of fruit. Heath helped him by going through the different kinds of fruit with him. Please pray for Donald.

This little girl in the picture listened to me share the gospel and talk about Who God is while her mom texted at the red light. She listened for about 5 minutes. Then about 20 minutes later she dragged her aunt over to see me. She told her aunt that God was talking to her. I took her aunt through the good person test and shared the gospel with her and then walked this little one through the Old Testament to the fulfillment of Christ on the cross. It was awesome. Some people think open air evangelism does not work and we are offensive. But to those that are being saved it is the power unto salvation.

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