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A Precious Heart

The young man above was a precious heart that in the end asked how can I become a Christian. It was one of those moments that made your heart melt. He was sincere with his question. This young man is from Nepal. I walked him through the good person test. I asked him what would stop him from repenting and trusting Jesus. He told me he did not think there was a God. I explained that for evolution to be true there needed to be proof of new useable DNA. I showed him that when we look at DNA we see that wolves mate and we can end up with chihuahuas all the DNA for being big is gone and the only way for the next generation to be big is to have sex with a big dog. He understood. I asked him what would stop him from repenting and trusting Jesus he said nothing. He asked for more information like a book. I gave him a bible. He asked me how to become a Christian. I explained that to him. He was asking with a humble heart.

I spent several days in OC Maryland for this year for Repent and Witness. We shared the gospel with hundreds of people. It was seniors week and we had a great time sharing the gospel. In the mornings we walked through spiritual disciplines of praying, reading the Bible, evangelism and others for our sanctification. It was a wonderful time of Witnessing and Fellowship.

It was interesting to see these young men were willing to tell the world about their sin. They seemed to have no shame. However, when I talked to them and started to take them through the law their consciences got the better of them. They began to be like “Yes mam and No mam”. The young men saw their sin as it should be seen, wicked. After I shared the gospel with them they actually thanked me. They were very nice young men.

I was able to gather large crowds. I just sat on my chair and as I talked to one person others would stop by and listen to the conversation. We shared the gospel with so many people at OC Maryland. Pray for everyone that heard the gospel and got a gospel tract.

Talking with this gentleman was one of my favorite conversations. He heard the gospel and after the conversation was over he thanked me for the good word. Pray for everyone that heard the gospel. We have been given the privilege to go back in September. I cannot wait to share the gospel there again.

I have spent 2 to 3 days a week sharing the gospel in downtown Pittsburgh. It as been a great joy to share there each week. I have been getting to know the regulars and they are getting to hear the gospel over again. Pray for everyone that is a bus rider that rolls through downtown Pittsburgh.

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