Making an impact on the college campuses for Christ

I asked this young man if he had a question about God and he said no. So I asked him if I could ask him a question. I asked him if he died today if he would go to heaven or hell. He said that he would go to heaven. I walked him through a few of the 10 commandments to show him that he was guilty. He said that he believed in karma and did not believe in heaven or hell. I told him, Karma says you have to pay for your sins and it makes sense you would end up in hell. He agreed and did not want to go to hell. I told him to imagine he stood before a judge and the judge said you either have to pay a million dollar fine or go to prison. A person runs in and says I love you so much that I will pay your fine. Would that be good news? He said it would be good news. I explained that Jesus is the one that paid the fine. I asked him what he thought about all that I told him. He said he needed a Bible. I asked him to watch my stuff so I could run to my car to get him a Bible. I gave him and his friend a Bible. Please pray for him.

I tried to make an impact on the campus this year.  Each week I did something different to start conversations.  I also handed out something different each week.  I went to Pitt, Slippery Rock and IUP each week this month.  I also went to the Planned Parenthood on a few Fridays.    I am encouraging a young man to continue in going the the clinic to talk women out of having abortions.

One week I handed out evolution tracts.  Another week I handed out gospels of John.  At Pitt a hate group had gone to Pitt the day before so I did not get to hand out that many gospels of John.  So the next week I handed out the rest of the 200 book meant for Pitt.  I heard a young man tell another young man as he took the book that this was the book he was talking about.  It was inspired and that the other young man had to read it.  It was such and encouragement to hear him say that.

I had two witnessing booths this month. The one was up in Slippery Rock. Hundreds of people heard the gospel that day. Everyone gets a good laugh about the IQ tests and then I get to share the gospel with people. It is my favorite outreach.

I went down to Kentucky and did a booth. It was a wonderful day. Here is Leah sharing the gospel with some children. Lots of children heard the gospel that day.

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