Several stopped to talk because they see me every week

I had a booth up at Slippery Rock Pa. I talked to these guys about the gospel. They used to go to a catholic church but stopped because of all the bad stuff in the news. I showed them what the gospel does for them. I asked them to go to my church since they are from my neighborhood which is 1 hour away from where I talked to them. Pray that I see them at my church in the coming weeks.

I had the privilege to speak at Grove City College, which is a Christian College north of me. I spoke at a college ministry meeting named DRIVE. They go out into the world and do skits to music to share the gospel. After they draw a crowd they go around and talk to people to share the gospel with them. I was able to share with them why they needed to use the law and show that God is a just God when sharing the gospel. I showed them how to share the gospel and helped them to practice sharing the gospel. They asked many good questions about how to give an answer to different questions, which I gave them answers for and also pointed them to books they could use to help them to give a good answer to the unsaved. I left them with an envelope of information about future resources they could use to get better at sharing the gospel. DRIVE is a ministry that would be included in our 6th pillar called “Gifts, Talents and Abilities”. Students using the gifts that God gave them to give glory to God.

I had many opportunities to share the gospel with students up at IUP this month. After sharing the gospel with the young lady below she said yes that is what I believe and thanked me for being out there and talking to students. 

 It is interesting how many students that I talk to each month claim to be Christians but cannot tell me what it is that saves them.  I did not know that she claimed to be a Christian so I do not know if she would have been able to tell me or not.  It just makes me wonder about the state of things when 99% of the students that claim to be Christians cannot explain that Jesus died on the cross and rose from the grave and that we are called to repent and trust in Jesus.  Most that I have talked to in the last few weeks think they are going to heaven because God is all-forgiving.  They did not understand that God is a just God and must punish sin.  They say they have a relationship with God but they have no idea how a relationship with God is possible since it is based on what Jesus did on the cross.

I had many great conversations at SRU about the gospel as well.

I have had several conversations with people that started with people asking me what was I all about.  The one young lady had seen me earlier in the month in Wilkensburg witnessing to people and then she saw me every week at Pitt.  I asked her if she died today would she go to heaven or hell?  She told me she was a child of God and she would go to heaven.  I said let’s put that aside for a minute.  I did not want to argue about what makes a person a Child of God.  I asked her if she was a good person.  I asked her if she had broken the 10 commandments.  She admitted to breaking a few.  She said she would be guilty if she was judged by the 10 commandments and that she would go to hell.  She did not want to go to hell.  I explained that Jesus died on the cross to pay her sin debt and she was called to  repented and put her trust in Jesus.  She said that she could see that she did not know as much as she had thought.  She took a small book that goes over the basics of Christianity.

I talked to an atheist.  I took him through the good person test and when I asked him if he would go to heaven or hell he said neither because they did not exist. I explained that if he was going to pick a religion he should pick it because it is true.  It should look like reality.  I showed him that he believed in justice and if standing before a judge he would want mercy. I showed him how Christianity matched up with reality. I showed him that all the other religions made you earn your way to heaven and Christianity says that God paid it all.  He walked away saying that he would have to think about all that I told him.  

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